Be The Counterpoint

February 20, 2017 10:10pm

Its almost like being a counterpoint. The answer to the truest questions that people have, about their creativity, about why music can hurt so deeply and also feel so wonderfully essential. The drive way down in their hearts, the Eternity in their hearts that cries out for something beyond the here and the now, both the moments of excruciating pain and the moments of heavenly bliss.   I want to be the counterpoint.

No, I AM the counterpoint.

I don’t think more highly of myself than I aught, but in fact I AM a Son of

the Living God,

the Source of All,

the Creator of Music and

the Finisher of The Last Note to Ever Sound.

The Answer.

The Response to calls from so many breaking hearts, that shout every second, as each of our hearts grow one second older every second on this temporary place called Earth and in this transitional place called Being Human.

As tonight, listening online for awhile, I have journeyed thru a few minutes of hearing, truly hearing, the creative heart of this mind-blowing producer named Jon Bellion, I have realized that I know the response to his deepest calls. His song “Human” is a perfect touchpoint to which I am called to respond, because in all the world there are people who, beyond an amazing hook or a sick drum sequence or enrapturing vocals, are really wanting it all to mean something. I am convinced that the “mean something” is the essential missing piece, I mean peace, of the WHY we sing and play and create. This entity, the Who We Create For (no, it is not ultimately ourselves, and certainly not the masses).

Elohim. אֱלֹהִים HE is the one Who causes everything to make sense, and I will create for Him. As I always have felt inside, the draw is a “drive or hustle” that stirs at the core and will not stop humming. When I sleep, a hum. When I am awake, a hum.  When I am preoccupied with everything that is not it; still a humming. Not to wax poetic or idealistic, but honestly when nothing else remains, HE IS. The ultimate muse of all muses: the King of all Kings.

This hum has not abated in war, in peace, in famine, in plenty.  It is still humming.


Be the counterpoint. Be the solution. Don’t do it for the people you can influence, the units you might move, the decimal point zeros or the Likes or Follows or anything. Do it because something has to be released into the atmosphere forever that answers all the questions, that solves all the riddles, that finishes the starts. Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. The Conclusion of Searches, the End of Beginnings, the Solution. Put away the thoughts right now, before people who don’t know you know your name, that you will ever do anything for any other purpose than to Glorify God.

Does each of these elements of strategy glorify God? Does this ______ purchase glorify God? Does this song or written verse or sound glorify God? Does it? Never stop asking that question.  You are a conduit to be flowed, not a cup to be filled.

Conduits are funny things. There are a ton of them at Lowe’s and Home Depot that may never “make it big”. There has to be something to flow, or the conduit is fully valueless. As long as there is something to flow, the conduit is fulfilling its call. Not every conduit is hooked up to a sprinkler system at Fenway Park or Madison Square Garden or Buckingham Palace. Some conduit is functioning under your kitchen sink and below your toilet commode. That conduit is just as important to you as the fuel pump relay on whichever NASCAR racecar which wins the Daytona 500 next weekend is important to the driver/owner/sponsor.

It’s starting to become clear. Please don’t try to make it big. Please. Dear God. Please don’t try to do that. Instead, release what is inside you, the thing which has people sensing the governor coming off your voice week after week, the thing which Garret Gustafson prayed over you, which at times caused both reticence and  boldness in college around the ol’ piano. Release the singular, Matrix-like, music that is in your spirit. And Trust Him that the ears that should hear will hear, and the creative art that needs to be experienced from inside you will be unleashed. Release Joy and Hope and Eternal Purpose into the world.

Will you?


The next day after writing this, I researched counterpoint and found that it was a musical term!!!!!!! Means opposing sounds, relationships between voices that are harmonically interdependent yet independent in rhythm and contour. The term originates from the Latin punctus contra punctum meaning “point against point”. -DD

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